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Cartoonist to Launch Paperback Compilation of Popular Online Tech Cartoon:

Best of “It’s-Geek-2-Me” showcased in “Wish Your Mouth had a Backspace Key.”

Pittsburgh, PA, (March 30, 2012)- Francis Cleetus, the Pittsburgh-based cartoonist, will present his book “Wish Your Mouth had a Backspace Key,” on (Friday, March 30, 2012) at the Toonseum on 945 Liberty Avenue, in downtown Pittsburgh from (7:00 pm.) Guests will have the opportunity to meet the author, join him in conversation with acclaimed cartoonist Joe Wos and take home a signed copy of the work.

'Wish Your Mouth Had a Backspace Key' is a compilation of some of the funniest toons Mr. Cleetus created for his “It’s-Geek-2-Me,” online tech toon. The toons chronicle the quirky and unpredictable stories of an eclectic group of “techies,” and has garnered a cult following around the world thanks to its Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as iPhone and iPad Apps in the Apple iTunes store.

Ironically, the same technologies that drive the increasing popularity of the cartoon provide the inspiration for much of its humor.'It's-Geek-2-Me' cartoons

are about people and their off-center relationships with computers, the

internet and other technologies, inspired by real-life events... CONT'D

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