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Praise for “Wish Your Mouth had a Backspace Key”

“Francis has found a way to hack into our funny bones and trigger a LOL virus which spreads as you share his toons with friends (even the imaginary ones on Facebook).”

- Joe Wos, Executive Director of the ToonSeum and Cartoonist

"An original compilation illustrating some of the more telling changes technology is catalyzing in each of our lives. A perfect book to LOL at the memes of the day."

- Sean Ammirati, Chief Operating Officer, ReadWriteWeb

“This book stops us - finally - in mid-text and makes us laugh out loud at how ridiculous we have become in allowing technology to nearly unhinge us."

- Debra Smit, Innovation Editor, Pop City Media

"These characters seem to be born of a liaison between a middle-aged Dilbert and a hot South-Asian techie. Read one toon a day to keep all viruses away!”

- Anuja Chauhan. Bestselling Author of Battle for Bittora

"A truly funny compilation for newbies, geeks and wannabe-geeks alike.”

- Harish Saluja, Artist and Filmmaker

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