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Target Market for “Wish Your Mouth had a Backspace Key.”

The target for this compilation of "It's-Geek-2-Me" tech toons is anyone whose life is touched by technology. Potentially, it includes worldwide personal computer users who'll exceed 2 billion by 2014 (, 2011). About 517 million of these people stay connected on Facebook (USA Today, 2011), and 55 million will own an Apple iPad (Fortune Tech, 2010), while 7 million will use an Amazon Kindle by 2012 (, 2011). These tech junkies also bought enough spycam pens, geek toys and cartoon t-shirts at to increase the online retailer's revenue in 2011 by 60% to US$ 80.3 million.

"It's-Geek-2-Me" tech toons spoof the new set of 'cyberban' values of the wired generation above. The nerdy sensibilities and cultural diversity of the 14 characters allow the cartoonist to lampoon an infinite range of tech topics that are relevant to this target - right from Murphy's laws of computing; tech support horror stories; hand-me-up[tech education to cyber dates gone bad. Inspired, insightful and incisive, "It's-Geek-2-Me" tech toons are

sure to appeal to the fumbling newbie, the serious geek and almost

everyone in the middle of this burgeoning global target market.

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