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Biography of Cartoonist Francis Cleetus.

Francis Cleetus started fiddling with computers at a very early age. Years later, he started writing about them as a reporter for a tech magazine. Along the way, he switched to writing ads for tech brands at ad agencies like Draft-FCB, Ogilvy, J. Walter Thompson, Doe Anderson and MARC. While he worked as a Creative Director doing award-winning ad campaigns in the US, Hong Kong and India, he doodled on the side. Especially at long meetings.

Francis now lives with his wife Maneesha and daughters Ananya and Antara in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and continues to draw tech cartoons in his basement studio. He has created hundreds of laugh-out-loud toons for and other publications. He has also conceived kick-ass multi-media campaigns for HP, NEC, Philips, GE and more. But he still hasn’t figured out what

the F11 key on his laptop is all about.

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